Is the safety of your staff a high priority in YOUR business? Are you searching for a way to minimise the risk in and to your workplace? Importantly for Farmers also your homes? Have you had issues with staff taking unacceptable risks or displaying unusual behaviour or are you wanting to set the standard and expectation of a drug & alcohol free workplace?

Whatever the reason - Let us help you – with our friendly staff and knowledge around drug & alcohol testing we can help you take important steps towards achieving these goals. The benefits of having robust drug & alcohol policies alongside your health & safety policies are huge:

  • It promotes & achieves a safer workplace
  • It increases productivity
  • It reduces expenses
  • It helps you meet your obligations under the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992

It is true that just having a policy does not instantly make your workplace safer nor does it mean you have met any obligations – putting your policy into practice, keeping it active in your employees minds, providing education around the risks of drugs & alcohol in the workplace and following processes all help towards achieving success. We are passionate about success in your workplace. It is our goal to minimise your risk. If AgResultz can save a life, prevent accidents or minimise harm by identifying a potential hazard then we have succeeded. Think Safe – Work Safe – Home Safe